White Paper Skinside v. 2.0 / 30.10.2015


The global market for topically applied cosmetics and skincare has been highlycompetitive for decades, dominated by large multinational brands. Each ofthese skincare manufacturers targets improvement in the quality of skin’stexture and appearance using external application of creams and serums ofvarious compositions with key ingredients, such as retinol and hyaluronic acid.

While these topical beauty products (no matter their price or quality) act onthe outermost skin layer (the epidermis), they typically do not penetrate tothe lower skin layer (the dermis), which has historically been reserved formedical and nutri-cosmedical applications. Consequently, consumer benefitsare often not delivered as expected. What most users do not understand isthat blood and oxygen carrying vital nutrients to the skin operate at thedermal and hypodermal layers, not at the epidermis.

Short of expensive medical procedures, true ongoing visual change in a user’s aging skin’s texture and appearance can only be sustained at the level of the dermis. This fact suggests that a user’s “fountain of youth“ must be managed from within the body, requiring a wholesale re-thinking of classical skin care and maintenance paradigms.

Consumers worldwide have become increasingly aware of the importance of well balanced nutrition and diet as a positive influence on the outer visual appearance of the skin. There is little mystery that a diet lacking essential nutrients vital to the skin’s health may leave a person’s skin in poor condition, lacking a “glow“ and suppleness that is often associated with younger, collagen-rich skin.

It’s a well known medical fact that collagen, the principal protein molecule forming the complex matrix that influences the skin’s overall appearance, is at its most abundant during youth. As a person ages, however, particularly after age 30 (especially in women because of hormonal activity), the rate of collagen production and replenishment in the body declines.

So how does a person, having used topical products for many years, balance her routine with a product that directly addresses the ”inside“ issue of how her skin is behaving? How can she improve and complement the effects of her topically applied products to truly reduce skin wrinkling and sagging?

For many years, Asian and other Eastern cultures have embraced the idea of skincare from within as a complement to whatever topical cream or serum a user might apply. US and other Western markets have long stuck to the proposition that topical products will work “miracles“ if a user can just find the “right“ combination of brands and products. Billions of dollars are spent by consumers annually on such products in a perpetual chase for the elusive “fountain of youth.“

Recently, throughout leading Asian countries like Japan and South Korea, consumers have shifted their attention to ingestible drinks and powders containing various forms of collagen. Asian peoples have long understood the natural harmony and flow of their bodies, and how their internal states affected by nutrition affect their outer appearances.

So it comes as little surprise that consumers in these countries have naturally adopted a product category like liquid nutricosmetics that holistically aligns with their way of thinking about appearance. In essence, what is consumed within will appear without. The lesson is that a skincare routine that combines both internal and external agents delivers a far more effective and desirable result than one exclusively determined by just externally applied creams and other topical products.

With collagen, not all is created equal. In order to act on the dermis, collagen must be both bioactive and bioavailable. That is, for purposes of skincare effectiveness, this collagen must be technologically modified and purified to generate specific collagen peptides with the capability of passing through the digestive system’s intestinal barrier without its molecular structure being damaged or compromised.

Such advanced collagen peptides then enter the bloodstream and are absorbed in the specific cells of the dermis throughout the body. Recall that skin is the body’s largest organ, and that any ingestion of such advanced bioactive and bioavailable collagen peptides affects the entire skin’s connective tissue, not just above the neck. Essentially, these purified collagen peptides operate from within the body’s natural flow to replenish the collagen that the body loses in the normal process of aging,

Each daily 60 ml Skinside Antiox Beauty Shot contains unique, patented collagen hydrolysates which have been proven through scientific based studies to have significant bioactive properties and efficiency on reducing skin wrinkles and improving dermal matrix synthesis.

In order to enhance this proven efficiency, the formulators of Skinside Beauty Shots developed a unique drinkable beverage that integrates selected vitamins (including C, E, and B3) scientifically known and recognized for contributing to the healthy function and maintenance of normal skin, and for supporting their positive effect on collagen absorption in the dermal matrix.

Moreover, the Skinside formula contains pure Swiss milk serum, a whey derivative, adding even more precious minerals to the body. The in vivo efficiency of the Skinside formula was tested in Switzerland with a group of fifty (50) subject individuals aged 20 to 85, who participated in a 6 to 8-week daily regimen. There was an overwhelmingly positive feedback coming from individuals from the group. A large majority of users in a statistically significant base, independent of their age, expressed the view that their use of Skinside Beauty Shots had some noticeable effect on the improvement of their skin’s texture and/or appearance.

No side effects were reported, adding to our view that not only are liquid nutricosmetics an important addition to a person’s daily skincare regimen, but that specifically, the uniquely Swiss formula at the core of Skinside products performs as well or better than any other liquid nutricosmetic product available today.


As noted earlier, a source for the so called “fountain of youth“ has been an elusive goal for human adults dating to antiquity. Women, in particular, have long seen the appearance of their outer skin as a visible marker of how others perceive them. The less supple and smooth the skin appears as one ages, the more concern about “aging“ and the more fear mongering in our media and other public communications about our “older selves“ becoming less relevant and capable.

Skin appearance and integrity, revealed through visible skin wrinkles and elasticity, change with age. Natural chronological and photoaging effects, influences of environmental factors like pollution and excessive sun exposure, and individual behaviors like smoking and drinking alcohol, all affect the rate of collagen production and replenishment in the body’s skin, joints, and other connective tissue. In women, hormonal aging as they grow older also has a dramatic effect on collagen production. All of these factors act on the decline of both the quality and quantity of available collagen.

Let us be reminded of what collagen actually is: The body’s single most abundant protein that is the chief molecule of the body’s connective tissue, not just within the skin. When measured by mass, collagen comprises 72% of the dry weight of human skin, demonstrating its enormous influence on the skin’s overall structural integrity. [1]

If we were using a building construction metaphor, the presence of abundant levels of collagen is akin to a building being supported by the correctly designed combination of pillar supports and beams that maintain the building’s safe function and appearance. When pillars, beams, and other support structures deteriorate, the building suffers and must be repaired.

In the dermis of your skin, collagen is the substance that gives the skin its density and “plumpness“ that appears to us as “youthful.“ In effect, collagen is the skin’s ubiquitous internal “pillar.“ Where collagen lacks, the natural result is skin whose strength has been compromised and shows as more wrinkled and dull in tone.

Below is a visual representation that illustrates the idea of collagen forming the pillar support of skin’s structural integrity. As skin loses its ability (for any or all of the causes noted earlier) to naturally replenish collagen in amounts needed to keep the dermal matrix dense enough, skin will start to sag and show more creases that appear as wrinkles.

When collagen is replenished in adequate and correctly blended formulas (such as with daily Skinside 60 ml Beauty Shots) as shown in the left half of the illustration below, the integrity of the dermal matrix can be restored and maintained (as shown in the right half) as a regular part of a person’s skincare routine. As in all life, there is cause and effect.

In skin, collagen’s protein structure is fibrous and wound into a triple helix, with the resulting fibers producing high tensile strength and rigidity within a complex matrix structure (as shown above). This inflexibility, in fact, is ironically what is desirable because collagen resists stretching. The less “stretch,“ the more the skin tends to stay in a youthful state of smoothness, especially when working in cooperation with collagen’s protein “cousin“ called elastin. Elastin, operating closer to the skin’s epidermal layer, gives skin its resiliency and smooth texture. It provides the spring and “snap“ to the young face. [1]

Lastly, remember that skin is the body’s largest single organ. As an organ, it operates from within as do all other organs in the body. Our liver, lungs, kidneys, and all other organs require correct, adequate nutrition to operate in their respective roles to serve the larger body. Using this logic, how can we avoid the same argument for the skin? It must be nourished internally with the same care and quality as we do for other organs. This is where our basis for formulating Skinside Beauty Shots originates. We created these beverages in our Swiss lab exactly because correctly nourished skin looks and functions in the way we most desire.

When you also understand that collagen forms the connective tissue for the heart, lungs, joints, muscles, arteries and many other organs, you can quickly see that having and maintaining the right amount of collagen in the bloodstream, complemented by other vitamins that enhance its function, is critically important to a person’s overall health, not just to the appearance of the outer skin.


A survey of available studies indicates to us that it is possible to modulate or delay skin aging and to improve skin integrity by dietary ingredient supplementation. Before 2013, there was, in our knowledge, no clinical evidence that collagen peptide supplementation might reduce wrinkle formation and benefit skin metabolism after oral intake in humans.

Understanding that a correct daily skincare routine involves the ingestion of a uniquely blended formula that replenishes collagen and stimulates our own body’s production of it, we at Skinside took great pains to ensure that our product’s central core collagen molecular structure was as effective and safe as possible. As noted earlier, in order to act on the dermal (inside) level, collagen must be both bioactive and bioavailable – i.e., technologically modified and purified to generate specific collagen peptides with the capability of passing through the digestive system’s intestinal barrier without its molecular composition being diluted or compromised.

Using the published results of a specific double blind, placebo-controlled study [2] to validate the basis of formulating Skinside with specific bioactive collagen peptides (BCP) on skin wrinkles and deep creasing, we have understood and validated that any ingestible skincare product must operate both effectively and efficiently. Every ingredient has to support and enhance the effects of its counterpart ingredients.

The published study [2] evaluated the efficacy of 2500 mg of purified, high protein bioactive collagen peptides (the same quantity and purified quality as in Skinside products) on the measured volume of eye wrinkles in a controlled 8-week study in which objective wrinkle measurements were taken in both a study and a placebo group of 114 healthy female subjects aged 45-65.

Dividing the group into two with 57 subjects apiece, the study conclusively showed that this precise quantity and quality of BCP used in the main group promoted a “statistically significant reduction of eye wrinkle volume in comparison to the placebo group after 4 and 8 weeks of intake.“ [2] In addition, “a positive long-lasting effect was observed 4 weeks after the last BCP administration.“ Moreover, after 8 weeks of intake, a statistically significantly higher content of Procollagen Type I (65%) and elastin (18%) in the BCP-treated volunteers compared to the placebo-treated patients was detected.

What this demonstrates for Skinside is that using this identical form of BCP, also known as hydrolysed collagen, gives our products an automatic advantage in delivering results that not only improve the skin around the eyes, but the skin everywhere else, with the face and neck included. Moreover, as the above study demonstrated, there is an ongoing impact of these BCP even after the initial daily intake of 8-9 weeks.

The key takeaway is that ingestion of drinkable Skinside products produces cumulative results that linger on even after weeks of stopping daily intake. Unlike a regular capsule supplement or a short burst “energy drink,“ Skinside products have an ongoing, longer term impact that is physically superior to these other products. We don’t discourage the use of externally applied agents like fillers for “touch-ups,” but instead encourage consumers to adopt a simultaneous internal focus on the health and maintenance of their skin. Correct nutrition and daily supplementation with Skinside Beauty Shots is a winning long term solution to keep skin looking and feeling its best.

While we minimally recommend 2-3 different times per year of 64 days (or 4 Skinside boxes of 16 Beauty Shots each), there is ample evidence showing that daily intake of Skinside products only serves to support ongoing healthy skin appearance and maintenance. The in vivo test results of our own Skinside study described later conclusively support these claims.

While a diet rich in proteins derived from foods like dairy, fish, lean meats, eggs, soy and others can benefit the entire body, supplementing these foods with products formulated by Skinside precisely targets the replenishment of protein-rich purified collagen with a uniquely blended drinkable formula that a chronologically aging body has difficulty doing on its own.

It also merits discussion that use of Skinside products is not meant to be any “immediate“ or “overnight“ fix of skin that has been suffering the effects of poor maintenance, environment, or other cause. Many millions of dollars are spent annually worldwide by people looking for quick fixes, and medical professionals are anxious to meet this demand.

The use of Skinside products is a longer term game. One day or one week of drinking a 60 ml Beauty Shot will not give a “wow“ factor to a user as they might expect from some temporary wrinkle “freezing“ topical serum. The savvy user understands that drinking Skinside Beauty Shots provides a cumulative, ongoing positive effect on the skin’s appearance and texture. It is not unlike when a small-muscled person starts a weightlifting routine. Can the person expect to look like a competitive body builder after just a few days of lifting weights?