Our Story

Skinside (Switzerland) AG is the Swiss creator and manufacturer of Skinside branded drinkable skincare products marketed and sold across the world, including countries in Asia and Europe. Using a core 2500 mg of bovine-sourced, purified bioactive collagen peptides in a 60 ml (2 fl oz) base, the Skinside team has blended key antioxidant Vitamins C and E, along with Niacin and Swiss milk serum, to formulate a precise and complete daily dosage needed to supplement and stimulate the body’s own production of Collagen Type 1.

Our Story

By drinking just one delicious tasting “Beauty Shot” a day, you complement the effects of any OUTSIDE topical skincare products or medical procedures with an ingestible INSIDE regimen. Skinside’s proprietary blend cumulatively builds collagen throughout your bloodstream and lodges in the skin’s inner layer known as the dermis. The dermis is where the prime action of reducing wrinkles takes place. The efficacy of most topical products is limited to the outermost skin layer called the epidermis. Users typically see their skin improve in both appearance and texture within a 4-8 week span of daily use, independent of any other skincare routine they might be maintaining at the time.


Prime Global Importers LLC is the exclusive distributor of Skinside products across the United States. With our main office in Miami Beach, we are actively promoting the resale and consumption of drinkable Skinside products through premium professional services locations, including medical practices and med spas, resort spas, day spas, and associated locations where aesthetic procedures and products are sold.


We continue to generate great excitement and active feedback from US customers who have used Skinside daily over the course of several weeks, a few even after just one box of 16 Beauty Shots. There is no one single way Skinside can impact your skin, which is why we recommend an initial regimen of 2-4 boxes that typically generates positive results on some 3 of 4 active users from a series of trials in both Switzerland and the US. Check out our social media pages marked by @SkinsideUS.

Skinside has also successfully cleared FDA and USDA guidelines for sale in the US.


Meet the Formulator

Pierre Schwaller, Switzerland, is a graduate engineer in Food Sciences ETH-Z (Eidgenösische Hochschule Zürich / Federal High School Zürich) and Dr Sciences. He is currently Director of Research & Development for Skinside (Switzerland) AG and an active member of its Board of Directors. His group continues to develop a pipeline of innovative nutricosmetic products designed to exceed customer expectations of safe and effective ingestible skincare.

Dr. Schwaller has worked for over 35 years in the research and development of many food and beverage products in well known Swiss and other international companies. While on a business trip in Asia, he was exposed to the huge potential of nutricosmetics and the growing knowledge base of scientific research behind skincare from within. He soon joined the new team at Skinside AG in Switzerland with the mission of formulating the finest available range of drinkable nutricosmetics made anywhere in the world. He continues to work closely with the team to identify and develop new Skinside products that meet the demanding skincare needs of consumers worldwide.

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